Founder - President - Clinical Director

Aileen Bryant-Wales M.ed , LPCC, TCADC

Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Barnett

Chief Financial Officer

Kristie Elliason

Executive Director

Shianne Anderson Moniero - LCSW, LCADC

Medical Director 

Dr. Robert Middleton - MD, FACP, DFASAM


Dr. Cynthia Gawarecki - MD

Program Director

Darryl Wales - TCADC

Director of Operations 

Monica Lawrence

Elexius Henry R.N.

Lakeisha Forbes - Medication Technician

Medical Staff

Vanessa Moon-CPSS

Diamond Duncan-CPSS

Denise Payton-CPSS

Angela Faulkner-CPSS

Peer Support Staff

10 Signs You May Need Help

You know that things have gotten bad, but are they actually bad enough to warrant checking into treatment?

1) You have driven a car while intoxicated or high

2) Your doctor tells you that you have health problems caused by your drug and/or alcohol use

3) Your friends and family have asked you to stop drinking or using drugs

4) You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking your drug of choice

5) Your freedom has been threatened due to choices you’ve made under the influence

6) You have harmed yourself or others while under the influence

7) You have lost your job or been kicked out of school due to drug- or alcohol-related issues

8) You have tried to quit but been unable to do so for any meaningful length of time

9) You’ve lied about your drinking or drug use

10) You want to stop drinking or using drugs, but you don’t know how

5 Ways To Help Someone With A Drug Addiction

1. You Can’t Fix the Problem Directly

2. Identifying the Issue

3. Talking About the Problem

4. Intervention

5. Learning More About Treatment Options

Stop the cycle

If you or someone you care about needs treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, reach out. Our qualified team is ready to answer your questions and we will find a treatment plan that’s right for your situation.

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