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Success Stories


"When I walked into Ladies of Promise in 2012 I was lost, hopeless, broken & defeated.  My addiction had taken control over every aspect of my life including my mind. I later found out I was in the grip of a progressive illness & over any considerable period of time we get worse, never better.  I was only existing & had given away everything I loved in life just to get one more.   Making a decision to go into a treatment center was one of the hardest, but best decisions I've ever made.   What I witnessed was a group of women suffering from the same illness as me, but they had found & offered me, was a program of recovery that worked.  But I had to do the work to get the results.  I was given some basic instructions to follow this path, get a sponsor, go to meetings, get a homegroup, do service work & get honest.  When I did those things the transformation changed my life forever & gave me the tools to walk out of Ladies of Promise with my head held high prepared to clear away the wreckage of my past.  What I received was a Miracle from God.  I was Re-Born at Ladies of Promise & God gave me another chance to live life again.  My home was at Ladies of Promise for 18 months & I will always be grateful for my time there.  So please don't be in a hurry to leave & sit still long enough to receive the gift that God has for you." 

Erin Goodwin

"I came to LOP in the summer of 2010 when I was 27 years old.  I am from a small town in WV and honestly had no idea what “getting sober” actually meant. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. I just knew I was absolutely miserable and had destroyed every relationship or opportunity I had ever had. I had no car, drivers license, home of my own, job, self esteem, self respect or friends. I just existed and hated every second of that existence. Getting sober wasn’t easy but LOP taught me so much about myself and why I did the things I did. I was surrounded by people just like me in a therapeutic community and learned responsibility, accountability, how to keep a house, pay rent and be a part of group. My life is completely different than what it was in 2010. I’ve been able rebuild many relationships with family and friends. I am truly supported in everything that I do. I am able to be a dependable friend and family member. I’ve been married since 2014, have a real estate business and have been blessed with raising my nieces. My life is incredibly full and LOP is where I got the foundation to build such a beautiful life."

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Accepted Insurance

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We also offer Self Pay Options and Accept Third Party Payer

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