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Taking the First Step

Admitting that you have an addiction

is the first step toward changing your

life for the better. Regardless of your

drug of choice, every addiction is very

serious and needs to be treated as

the disease it is. Contacting our

admissions team is the first step on

your road to recovery. Entering

treatment should not be difficult, and

at Ladies of Promise we pride

ourselves on making that process as

painless as possible.

Our Services

Ladies of Promise offers four different levels of care including Residential, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Outpatient (OP). We work tirelessly to ensure you are provided with the best possible care to support you in your fight against addiction. We have psychiatric and therapeutic services, along with Medication Assisted Treatment, Peer Support groups and much more. For a detailed list and description of all of the services we provide click here.

Psychologist Session


At Ladies of Promise we’ve streamlined our admission process in order to eliminate any unnecessary stress for prospective clients and their families. Step one is call our facility so we can best advise you of your treatment options. From there we verify insurance and any out-of-pocket costs of treatment. Admission is often required within 24 hours of your initial phone consultation, we will assist you in making travel arrangements. For more details about our admission process and what you will need for a Residential stay click here.

Success Stories/Testimonials 

Ladies of Promise has had the privilege of helping hundreds of men and women overcome their addiction and go on to live happy, successful, and meaningful lives. If you would like to hear a few of their stories click here.

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What we Stand For

Our Values: 

  • Safety- We provide a safeguarding Therapeutic Community Conductive for Recovery

  • Integrity- We operate in fairness, unification, undividedness, and cohesiveness

  • Respect- We have regards to the wishes and rights of our clients

  • Honesty- We practice with principles within ethical guidelines

  • Resilience- We help our clients build skills to endure life's hardships

Our Vision:

We are a client centered agency using a variety of professional disciplines emphasizing compassion and supportive care, guiding our clients to their own understanding while they build a platform of healing

Our Mission:

One System, Many Services, Meeting the needs of our clients

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Accepted Insurance

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We also offer Self Pay Options and Accept Third Party Payer

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